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KTEG ZE23 electric excavator

Be it an urban construction site, outdoors or in closed spaces, the ZE19-T is in its element. When tendering for municipal projects, use it to secure your competitive edge. You not only preserve the environment, but also rely on working completely efficiently and economically. Without any compromises at all, you can use it to electrify your business.


Engine maintenance is a thing of the past. The electric powertrain and batteries are maintenance-free and require little daily inspection. This saves you time and money.


Work without output losses. Electrical loads are fed from the battery. The full power of the engine is available to operate the hydraulic system. 

As comfortable as the ZX20

The same cab – and therefore the same level of comfort as the ZX20. The Grammer comfort seat with air springs and heating absorbs impacts and provides warmth on cold winter days.

⌀ 2.5 h at full power

With an average working time of 2.5 hours between charging cycles, the ZE23 proves its endurance.


Exhaust fumes and engine noise are almost non-existent. For healthier working and more sustainable construction sites.

ZE23 specifications

Avg. operating duration Charging duration, 400 V CEE 16 A
2.5 h 2 h
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