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The Kenki Technology Group

Kenki Technology is a joint venture that emerged from Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Kiesel Technology GmbH. As part of the joint venture, product marketing, production, sales and service will be transferred from Kiesel Technology to the Kenki Technology Group. As a result of the merger, KTEG's product developers will have the full support of the experts from Japan at their disposal.

By bundling tasks and strengths, the time-to-market for Hitachi's advanced zero-emission construction and special application machines as well as information and communication technology-supported products will be shortened.

For HCM, the merger is also worthwhile: The European construction industry consists of the most technically advanced and process-orientated customers in the world. Especially when it comes to construction machinery requirements. In addition, the European market has some of the strictest regulations when it comes to emission values.

The joint venture will give Hitachi Construction Machinery a more detailed understanding of the trends for advanced technologies and the challenges in Europe. In addition, HCM will be able to develop zero-emission specialised application and ICT construction machinery that meets the high quality standards of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group.

All projects are now being driven forward in close co-operation with HCM. Both future technologies such as electric excavators and quick-change systems, to name just two projects. The expertise that is now combined to form the Kenki Technology Group promises innovations with added value. The first joint successes, such as the ZECOM-Line, were proof of this even before the official merger.

The four major challenges facing the construction and handling industry:

Employee Focus

The shortage of skilled workers and building helpers poses new challenges for contractors. Our solutions help skilled workers work more effectively, accurately and safely on the construction site. Our solutions reduce the minimum number of operators and machines required to handle all construction processes. This optimizes the availability of resources and employees.

What does Kenki mean?

"Kenki" means construction machine.

The Japanese word for construction machine is "Kensetsu kikai" - the first two syllables form the term "Kenki", which is commonly used in Japan.

Customised solutions for over 20 years

For over 20 years, our team has been developing and manufacturing customised solutions - tailored to the specific characteristics of each industry. We think and act in terms of holistic system solutions. The recurring and new challenges are organised into seven business areas:

System solutions for demolition, construction, civil engineering and foundation engineering