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KTEG PowerTree – A mobile rapid-charging station

The Powertree serves as practical fast-charging infrastructure for construction sites. Packaged in a robust, 10-foot container, this fast charging station was created for the heavy-duty everyday routine on construction sites. Always on board: a buffer battery that can be scaled according to needs and is recharged on a construction site power connection. Construction machines and even electric cars and tools can be charged via powerful charging points.

as needed with construction site power.

If construction site power is available, the PowerTree’s buffer storage is continuously recharged.

Worldwide service network

The PowerTree is a joint venture by Deutz AG and KTEG GmbH. It thus incorporates their shared expertise and the worldwide service networks of both partners.


The powerful buffer batteries can be scaled as needed. You therefore have exactly the power output you need on the construction site. 

Plug & play

No qualified electrical technicians required! Commissioning can be completed by a single trained person in 10 minutes. Electric vehicles, machines and devices are charged and connected intuitively.

Faster charging

Two fast-charging points with CCS Type 2 charging plugs guarantee smooth operation on the construction site. In no time at all, electric machines and devices can be recharged

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