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KTEG CoPilot - Assistance and fleet management system

Assistance systems should make it easier for operators to do their jobs. If the machine cab is packed with screen after screen, complexity increases, and the operator's job actually becomes more difficult. The KTEG CoPilot is a platform that brings all the various assistance systems to a single screen. Helper applications such as Grade Assist, Oilquick Control and Dynamic Scale help the excavator operator perform various tasks in a more precise and productive manner. Other applications are available as optional extras and can be added to form a unified digital process.

This is the CoPilot

2D/3D control

High-precision control of the machine via 2D/3D control.

Always according to plan – 2D control integrated in CoPilot

An intelligent 2D machine control is an investment in the future that pays for itself today. The resulting increase in productivity accelerates the processes on the construction site and thus increases the machine's efficiency. Significant time savings are even achieved during initial surveys on the construction site – the need for repeat measurements inside the machine’s danger zone is either reduced or eliminated completely. The machine operator can see all relevant information on the clearly arranged operating terminal – and can thus tell whether he or she is working within the planned specifications. This saves time-consuming and cost-intensive rework. Complex planning work can also be carried out quickly and easily thanks to the integrated tilting bucket function.

Thanks to the external reference to the rotating laser, the flow of information is always guaranteed and the machine always knows at what height it is moving on the construction site.


> Robust and reliable 2D machine control

> Real-time graphical removal/replenishment display

> No more digging too deep – saving you time, material and fuel

> High-precision double slope and level control

> Increased safety – measuring work inside the danger zone is no longer necessary

> Simple and intuitive operation via the clear CPX operating display with touch control

> Can be upgraded to a 3D machine control at any time

Plug & play – Leica 3D-ready

Due to the fact that Leica releases new modules based on existing components of the KTEG CoPilot, the system is already compatible with Leica’s 3D machine control. The cost-intensive 3D components CPX80 display, GNSS box and GNSS receivers can be easily assembled and disassembled as required via plug & play. If the 3D components are required on another machine, it is still possible to work with the 2D navigation system without restrictions. If required at short notice, these components can also be hired as needed. Should the machine be fitted with Leica 3D at a later date, only a few missing components will need to be added. This allows an optimal use of resources and considerably reduces the investment costs.


> Machines are pre-configured for the Leica 3D applications

> Easy assembly and disassembly of the 3D components

> The 2D navigation system can still be used without 3D components

> Increases the flexibility of your machinery

> Easy upgrade from 2D to 3D

> 3D components can also be hired as required

Dig to new levels – auto levelling

The 2D or 3D application enables the automatic levelling system to be activated.

When creating terrain profiles, the automatic levelling system is an important aid for the driver. The desired terrain model is converted into precise excavator movements via the CoPilot. This saves time, reduces costs for follow-up work and enables focused, fatigue-free working. 


> Intuitive operation via the CPX terminal

> Creates dimensionally accurate terrain profiles without rework

> Unburdens the driver for fatigue-free working

Open Telematic System

Like a smartphone, the CoPilot makes a wide variety of applications visible on a display in the operator’s cab. 

Everything right where you can see it – the Telematic System

The link between the KTEG CoPilot and the outside world is the Open Telematic System. This keeps the operating company permanently informed about the location and utilisation of the respective machines. To make handling as efficient as possible, the information can be transferred via the Vemcon cloud directly into customer systems, such as fleet management or ERP systems. At the same time, the system provides access to the App Store, where software updates can be easily and quickly installed or new functions added.


> Information is available in real time

> Single interface for the machine and attachments

> Access to the App Store

> Integration into customer systems

> Access to the Open Telematic System, also via mobile device

Dynamic Scale

An integrated, cloud-connected excavator scale inside the CoPilot display provides all persons involved in the process with precise information.

Integrated scale

Material flows can be controlled and recorded with the aid of Dynamic Scale, creating additional transparency and ensuring that the upper loading limits are not exceeded. The weighing is carried out dynamically during the usual loading process and does not require any interruption of the work flow. The scale is not only available for machines with monoblock booms, but can also be operated in conjunction with adjustable booms. The cloud connection enables Dynamic Scale to send information via CoPilot to all individuals involved in the process, including the materials controller, the truck driver, the operating company, and the customer.


> Seamless integration into the loading process

> Ensures compliance with load limits

> No need to interrupt loading process for weighing

> Consistently optimised loads provide higher levels of productivity

> CoPilot's integrated scale saves costs

> Precise information made available to all parties involved

Quick-coupler control

Secure locking and intuitive operation of standard quick couplers of all sizes.

Tool change to-go

The system from market leader OilQuick is considered one of the most reliable and safest quick couplers on the market. The mechanical drop guard and optical locking indicator actively contribute to the prevention of accidents. The KTEG CoPilot integrates the entire process along with all functions. The system is operated entirely via the intuitive control terminal inside the cab. OilQuick not only monitors the position of the H-cylinder (opening/closing), but also checks whether the mounting shaft of the tool is securely locked. This locking control is not only mechanical, but also electronic. The quick coupler can be opened safely via two-finger operation on the touch display. The entire tool-changing process is visualised for the operator on the display and at the same time indicated acoustically.

The open platforms makes it possible to connect CoPilot to other quick-coupler systems as needed.


> KTEG CoPilot combined with marketable quick-coupler systems

> Doubly protected locking control provides additional safety on site

> Safe operation based on the “two-finger principle”

> Constant status monitoring of the quick-coupler system by means of visual and acoustic indicators in the CoPilot display


Precise limitation of the movement depth and height in sensitive environments.

Fencing function

When working in environments where the excavator's freedom of movement is restricted, the height and depth limiter provides useful support for the driver and prevents damage to overhead lines, ceilings or sunken cables. The system is offered in two expansion stages: passive and active. In the passive version, the height and depth limiter warns the driver of the defined limits both acoustically and visually. The "active" version also overrides the hydraulics and thus stops any further movement of the equipment. In both variants, the driver maintains permanent control without being restricted or distracted from the task at hand.

> Prevents damage to the working environment
> Two different levels are available, depending on the environment
> The driver can concentrate fully on the job at hand

Tool Tracker

As individual as your fingerprint

An important component of the KTEG CoPilot is the Tool Tracker, which stores all information about each attachment. This includes not only the type and serial number, but also the required hydraulic operating parameters such as litres, pressure, working mode and much more. The Tool Ident function is thus implemented in combination with the CPX terminal. Via the central telematics interface in the terminal, all relevant information about the attachment, such as the operating hours or location, can be called up and recorded via a fleet management system.

The Tool Tracker also works completely autonomously - independent of the machine - so it can store all the important parameters of the attachments in the cloud and enables integration with existing fleet management systems.

Go to the Tool Tracker

Tool Ident

The automatic tool recognition thanks to the Tool Tracker

Modern attachments require exact hydraulic parameters (pressure, litres, working mode). This is the only way to ensure they can deliver their full potential while keeping wear and damage to a minimum. Incorrect program selection in the excavator is a common cause of damage to attachments or support frames. Thanks to automatic tool recognition, this is now almost impossible. During coupling, the tool is identified using the parameters stored in the Tool Tracker and this information is transmitted to the terminal. In this way, the driver is automatically shown the correct tool, making mix-ups a thing of the past. As before, the program is selected manually by the machine operator. The system can be easily retrofitted on all machine types, regardless of the manufacturer.


> Reliable identification of each attachment – process-safe and intuitive

> Precise recording of the attachment’s operating hours

> Integration of the attachments into the fleet management via CPX terminal

> Always optimal hydraulic power and thus better performance

> Cost savings through damage prevention

Zaxis Smart Control - automatic tool adjustment

Automatic tool adjustment

The interaction between the Tool Control function and a Hitachi machine holds the key to the tool management of the future – Zaxis Smart Control. This system goes far beyond the mere recognition of attachments by ensuring fully automatic configuration of the correct attachment mode. This means the driver no longer needs to select this manually – making incorrect program selection impossible. As a result, the operator is free to concentrate fully on the work at hand, while wear is reduced to a minimum as the attachment is always optimally connected to the Hitachi excavator.


> Extension for automatic tool recognition

> Automatic selection of the correct implement program

> Compatible with all Hitachi —6 and —7 series excavators (in conjunction with OilQuick quick couplers)

Makineo – our sales and service partner

In our partner, Makineo GmbH, you have a competent sales and service partner at your side for the KTEG CoPilot – get everything you need from a single source. 

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